Children Portrait Gallery

I am sure that at some point you have whispered in your children's ear to "slow down, stay little". They grow and change so quickly that before you know it they are turning the tassel on their graduation cap! 

What if you could freeze this moment in their life and keep them young? Professional portraits of your children can capture those moments and when you proudly display them in your home, it allows you to enjoy them at that age forever. Every time you glance at that portrait, a warm fuzzy feeling takes over and brings you back to those precious moments that you cherish so much. 

We offer a variety of session locations to choose from to best fit the style you would like to achieve. The studio is perfect to keep little busy bodies less distracted and can be a formal or casual setting with endless backgrounds and timeless props to help match any outfit. We have numerous outdoor settings like the greenery of a park, flowery fields, sandy beaches, or grungy brick building that are real locations and provide endless opportunities for a customized session. 

During the session we pull out all the stops to get the perfect expressions. We play games, make goofy noises, silly expressions, blow bubbles or even break out of tickler to get those authentic smiles. We also love the more serious expressions so we will quiet the mood with certain phrases and vocal tones to get the right expression to match the mood & style of the portrait setting. 

We know the investment in professional portraits is important so please contact us for more information. We are happy to give specific pricing and consult with you to create the best session for your family.