Newborn & Maternity Portrait Gallery

The first cries from your newborn baby's lungs is a sound so wonderfully life changing, that mere words cannot describe it. Gazing down at your child as they wrapped their itty-bitty fingers around your pinky and staring in wonderment of this precious tiny life that is now part of your family.  It's extremely important that newborn portrait sessions are done within the first 12 days of their life.

I know what you are probably thinking, less than twelve days old?! Trust me, I understand that the last thing you may want to do is bring that precious little baby in for their first photo shoot (or yourself for that matter) but it's completely worth it! After 12 days, babies love to stretch out and it can be much more difficult to get them to fall into that nice deep "milk drunk" sleep which lends itself to cute curled up poses you often see. 

Our newborn sessions are typically 2 hours in length. This amount of time allows for a stress free session as we will have time to feed, diaper, and change your little one and allow them to comfortably fall asleep. While we will give you tips & tricks to ensure your baby is exhausted and ready for a sleepy session, your little one may have different plans in mind. No worries, we will still get wonderful images of your newborn while they are awake as well. This session time can also allow for the focus to be on just your baby or we can do some simple family images as well. 

We know the investment in professional portraits is important so please contact us for more information. We are happy to give specific pricing and consult with you to create the best session for your family.