Wedding Portrait Gallery

Waiting in anticipation for the gentle touch of your partner on your shoulder, giving you sweet awaited permission to spin around and see her exquisitely dressed smiling face for the first time on your special day together. An embrace follows by the accompaniment of happy tears that you wipe from each other eyes. Walking together hand in hand, stopping to give each other a little kiss, laughing as one of you whispers something a little naughty in the other's ear. These are just some the special moments we capture of our couples on their wedding day.

We make sure to set a special amount of time aside for these beautiful images of you both as they are often the most cherished images from your day spent together. We will engage you slightly to maybe be a little more flirty and romantic that you are in a normal day to day setting but this extra pubic display of affection results in beautiful images you will love and cherish forever.